Our Software Base

        The contents of these pages which appear in different Indian languages have been prepared using the multilingual software developed at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India.  The software caters to a variety of applications in Indian languages of which data preparation for use on the web is one. Viewers interested in finding  more information about this unique Multilingual software or information in  respect of all
aspects of Language Computing in general, may visit  the IIT Chennai Web site

Guidelines for viewing the text in Original Scripts.

     The Multilingual editor used in the preparation of the documents makes use of Truetype fonts for displaying text. Recent developments in Web Browsers permit viewing documents using Dynamic fonts which are sent along with the document such that at the browser end, one need not install special fonts.  As of now, Dynamic fonts are supported under the Windows95/NT and X-Windows platforms. Vidya Vrikshah pages may be viewed using Dynamic fonts but in the interest of allowing the text to be viewed on many different computers, we recommend that you install Indian language fonts on your system as per recommendations given below.
     The latest version of the IIT Software Package which can be dowloaded free from the IIT Chennai Website URL given above now contains a new standardised set of Fonts, which are being used by us in our current presentations.  However earlier versions of the Package used other Fonts which have been used in many of our earlier presentations.  All those fonts listed below and are freely available on the Web. Therefore you will have to download the fonts from their respective sites. Please get the fonts downloaded from the links given below, and have them installed on your system before viewing the text contained in these pages. Also, note that all the fonts may not be available for all the platforms. The URLs were correct at the time of preparation of this page.
            Language /Script                  Font
   Sanskrit, Hindi (Devanagari)      Sans-12 
   Tamil       Indo-Web-Kambar 
   Telugu      Pothana
   Kannada      Langscape-Padmini
   Roman Diacritics      Nina-10
   Grantha      Iitmgr, Gr2
If you still have difficulty in getting these fonts, click on the link below :
Full set of fonts (old and new)

In case of any other difficulty, kindly contact us with details by email at

    Some of our presentations on music invoke sound files. You can listen to these if you have Windows Media Player or Real Audio Player on your computer.