This Project is an attempt to reach out to men and women in India, especially those belonging to the socially and econmically weaker sections of society, to join in a concerted national effort to get rid of the highly damaging biases that still prevail in the country against the girl child.   The biases get transmitted across generations adversely  affecting, both, boys and girls, preventing their healthy and whole development. 

While many programmes with  the same objective, though with different approaches, are in operation across the country, this attempt breaks new ground in seeking to bring the power and reach of Information Technology into the pursuit of this objective.  And in the   IT-related national solution that is proposed, the attempt is further unique in its use of not merely text, but also of image and voice in every Indian language that will carry the message to every woman in every part of the country. The IT related solution is one that has been consciously designed by the IIT Chennai, and strikingly demonstrated by Vidya Vrikshah, a Chennai-based NGO,  to serve these very socio-economic purposes. Those interested in further details are invited to visit their respective websites at and (The former site also carries a mirror of the latter) 

Click on the ear icon at the start of this presentation and this narrative will be read out for the benefit of those who cannot see or read and write. And as the narrative proceeds you will see the message strikingly reinforced by photographs, drawings and animations Luckily we have a wonderful collection of such materials already collected by several organisations and where we have used them, we have duly acknowledged our debt to the organisations concerned. These organisations  will readily see how enormously our use of IT and of the medium of the local language has  extended the reach of what was confined to the covers of their printed materials with a limited reach. 
The early months of the girl child with a basket for a cradle ...
And quickly she outgrows that basket ...
Sadness and fear already showing in her face ... 
Already sharing her mother's burdens, working without a wage ...  
Almost now a mother herself to 
her sibling ...
And feeding the sibling ...  
 Doing all the washing ...
 And collecting twigs for the 
home fire ...
Or working for a wage ... 
All this when she should be at school like this ...   
And shining in her studies ... 
Why should this sweet girl be denied the joys of childhood  and a right to a life of healthy growth and fulfilment ? 
Is it her fault or the fault of the parents ? 
How will she nurture the next generation when she is herself underfed and unfulfilled?
This presentation is addressed equally to women and men, as parents. But it is important that all men, be they fathers, brothers and sons,  should be aware of and sensitive to the unique problems of women, be they mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. It is important because men often contribute to these problems and should have a responsibility to contribute to their solution. These problems remain the same, whatever language they speak, or what religion they practice,  
                 or whether they live in a house or a hut  
or just in a drainpipe as seen below
Here then is our message to you all mothers & fathers
First, mothers,  remember that you were once a girl child and perhaps went through all the experiences portrayed above. Should you then subject your little girl child to the same experiences ?
Second, some families think sons are an asset and daughters are a liability. Even well-to-do women are known to get pressured into terminating a pregnancy when tests indicate that the foetus is a girl. In poor families people go to the extent of killing a girl child as soon as it is born. This a crime according to law, a sin according to religion and an avoidable stress on the woman. 
Do you know that denial of nutrition right from childhood is 
the reason for weakness, sickness and disability in
YOUR DAUGHTER                                     YOUR SON'S WIFE
Do you know that the same reasons produce the same results in
YOUR DAUGHTER'S CHILDREN                                                             YOUR SON'S CHILDREN
                                               If a son becomes 
        An Alcoholic or Drug Addict         Disabled by Disease or Accident 
                                       Or if a daughter becomes  
     A Teacher or a Nurse or Doctor               Or even a Minister 
 Would the son then be an asset and the daughter a liability ?
So what should you do ? 
Do not seek answers from others.
Seek the answers in your own God-given faculties:
Your mind, heart and conscience
The following are some simple answers that you might consider
Make assets of both sons and daughters 
by treating them equally as you would treat your two eyes
The equal treatment should specially extend to the following:
Give them equal nourishment
Give them equal access to education
Give them equal responsibility 
in household tasks and care of siblings
This presentation has made use of photographs from the the following publications, and this is gratefully acknowledged:
1. Early childhood care for survival, growth and development:
    Department of Women & Child Development,
    Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

2. Girl of Today - Woman of Tomorrow - 2000:
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