Dakshinamurthy   is   perhaps   the   only   Hindu   deity   that  sits  facing   the   southern   direction.   This fact   is   implicit   in   the   name  itself. The   great   seer  Ramana Maharshi,  has   interpreted   the   name   as  "Dakshina   amurty",   meaning   one   who   is   capable   but without  form. Both names   refer  to   Lord   Siva   and   represent   Him   as     the   Supreme   Teacher.   Dakshinamurthy's   uniqueness as   a   teacher   lies   in   the   fact   that   he   teaches   through   silence,   through   his   all-pervasive Consciouness.   The   traditional   image   that   portray   Him   thus   is   described   by   Sankara
with   a   poetic   play   of   words   in   the   seventh   verse   of   this  work
as   "mudraya   bhadraya".
    None   can   equal   Sankara   when   it   comes   to   the   combination of   the   highest   philosophical truths   with   brevity,   simplicity   and     beauty   of   Sanskrit   verse.   In   a   short   compass   of   ten   verses he   leads  us   to   understand   the   oneness   of   the   individual  self   and  Brahman, the   Ultimate   Reality.  Deep   devotion   to   a   personal   God   provides     the   way   to   seeing   and   attaining   that   Reality despite   the   limitations and   illusory   perceptions     of   the   psycho-physical   organism,   that   cloud
that     reality.
                                ïI   di][amUitR   StaeÇm!
maEnVyaOyaàkiqtpräütTv<   yuvan<
vi;RóaNtesÔ†i;g[Ev&tìt<       äüinóE>     ,
AacayˆRNÔ<   krkilticNmuÔmanNdêp<   mUitR<<
SvaTmaram<   muidtvdn<   di][amUitRmIfe    .     1     .
ïI                                                 -     The   illustrious
di][amUitR                               -     Dakshinamurthi
StaeÇm!                                       -     prayer
Xyan<~                                           -     Invocation
maEn                                             -     silence
VyaOya                                       -     commentary
àkiqt                                       -     explaining\exposing
präütTv<                               -     the   concept   of   the   supreme
vi;RóaNte                                   -     most   eminent   preceptor
vst!                                           -     most   eminent   preceptor
\i;g[E>                                   -   the   assembly   of   sages
Aaìt<                                         -     surrounded
AacayˆRNÔ<                                 -     the   best   among   preceptors
krkil~t                                 -     sporting   inhis   hand
icNmuÔe                                       -     the   symbol   of   consciousness
AanNdêp<                               -     the   very   form   of   bliss
SvaTmaram<                               -     lost   in   bliss   of   his   own   self
muidtvdn<                                 -     joyous   in   appearance
di][amUitR                               -     that   dakshinamurti
$fe                                                 -     i   pray   to(worship)
I   worship   that   south   facing   god,who   revels   in   his   own   self   the   prime-preceptor,   who   sports   the symbol   of   consciousness  and   is the   very   personification  of   bliss,  surrounded  by  groups   of sages and seers   established   in   the   Ultimate   Reality,   who   is   of   tender   age   and   expounding   the   concepts of   philosophy   by   silence,   so   eloquent   although.
vqivqipsimpe   -Uim-age   in;{[<<
sklmuinjnana<   }andatarmarat!         ,
nguémIz<   di][amUitRdev<
jnnmr[Ê>oCDedd]<   nmaim             .     2     .
vqivqipsimpe                   -     near   the   banyan   tree
-Uim-age                         -     0n   the   ground
in;{[<<                           -     seated
sklmuinjnana<                 -     for   the   host   of   all   saints (given   to
                                                          contemplative   meditation)
}andatar<                        -     bestower   of   true   knowledge
Aarat!                            -   directly   (immediately)
iÇ-uvngué~                       -     the   preceptor   of   all   the   three   worlds
$z<                               -   that   great   ruler
di][amUitRdev<                   -     That   Lord   Dakshinamurti
                                                          (The   south   facing   one)
jnnmr[Ê>oCDedd]<           -     That   adept   in   cutting   asunder   the
                                                           miseries   arising   out   of   the   cycle
                                                           of   births   and   deaths
nmaim                           -     I   salute
Seated   on   the   floor   and   under   the   banyan   tree,   purveyor   of   the   valid   knowledge   to   all   the   groups of   sages   and   seers   directly,   the   lord   of   all   the   three   worlds   and   the   south   facing   god,   the     one   who cuts   asunder   the   cycle   of   births   and   deaths,   I   bow   down   in   supplication.
vqtraemURle   v&Ïa>   iz:ya   guéyuRva   ,
guraeStumaEn<   VyaOyan<   iz:yaStu   iDÚs<zya>   .   3   .
icÇ<                             -       a   picture   (what   a   wonder!)
vqtrae>                          -       of   the   banyan   tree
mUle                              -       at   the   foot
v&Ïa>                            -       aged
iz:ya                           -       disciples
gué>                             -     teacher
yuva                              -     youthful
gurae>                            -     of   the   teacher
tu                                -     indeed
maEn<                             -     silence
VyaOyan<                        -     exposition
iz:ya>                          -     disciples
tu                                -     verily
iDÚs<zya>                      -     of   shattered   doubts   and   uncertainities
What   a   wonderful   picture   it   is   that   is   there   under   the   banyan   tree,   where   the   preceptor   is   young and   the   disciples   are   old.,   the   explanation   of   the   preceptor   is   silence   but   yet   the   disciples   have   their doubts   shattered.
svRivXyana<   i-;je   -vraeig[am!           ,
gurve   svRlaekana<   di][amUtRye   nm>      .   4     .
inxye                           -     repository
svRivXyana<                     -     of   all   the   branches   of   valid   knowledge
i-;je                           -     The   doctor
-ig[aignam!                   -     of   patients   suffering   from   the   disease
                                                         of    transmigration,  caught   in   the   cyclic
                                                         existence   of   births   and   deaths
gurve                             -     The   destroyer   of   (darkness)   ignorance
svRlaekana<                     -     of   all   the   world
mUtRye                            -     That   Dakshinamurti
nm>                             -     I   salute
I   bow   down   in   salutation   to   the   south-facing   god,   who   is   the   repository   of   all   knowledge,   the physician   for   those   who are struck   with  the  disease of transmigration and  the  preceptor of  all  the   worlds.
à[vawaRy   zuÏ}anEkmUtRye                   ,
inmRlay   àzaNtay   di][amUtRye   nm>   .     5     .
`                                -     OM
nm>                              -     I   salute
à[vawaRy                        -     the   essence   of   the   mystic   symbol   "OM"
zuÏ}anEkmUtRye                  -     the   solidified   pure   consciousness
inmRlay                         -     the   one   without   blemish
àzaNtay                        -     the   extremely   equanimitous
mUtRye                             -     Dakshinamurti
nm>                              -     I   Salute
I   salute   that   south-facing   god,   who   represents   the   import   of   the   mystic   syllable   "OM"   and represents   the   absolute   reality,   who   is   blemishless   and   of   quietitude.
ivñ<   dpR[†ZymanngttuLy<   injaNtgRq<
   pZyÚaTmin   mayyabihirvaedœ-Ut<   ywa   inÔya   ,
Tk…éte   àbaexsmye   SvaTmanmevaÖy<
tSmE   ïIïIémUtRye  nm   #d<   iïdi][amUtRye     .     1     .
ivñ<                           -     the   universe
dpR[†ZymanngrItuLy<   -     on   par   with   a   city   seen   to   exist   within   a   mirror
injaNtgRt<                    -     existing   within   himself
pZyn!                         -     seeing
AaTmin                       -     in   himself
mayya                         -     by   illusion
bih>                           -     outside
#v                              -     like
%dœ-Ut<                         -     arising   (manifested)
ywa                            -     in   what   manner
inÔya                          -     as   by   slumber
y>                              -     who
sa]at!                          -     in   reality
k…éte                           -     beholds   (sees)
àbaexsmye                      -     in   the   waking   state
SvaTman<                       -     this   own   self
@v                              -     alone
AÖy<                            -     without   a   second   (non-dual)
tSmE                            -     to   Him
ïI                              -     The   illustrious
guémUtRy                       -     The   Lord   incarnate   as   the   preceptor
nm>                            -     I   bow   down   in   salutation
#d<                              -     this
ïI                              -     illustrious
di][amUtRye                     -     Dakshinamurti   (lit.   God   who   is   facing   the
                                                         southern   direction)
Who   sees   within   himself,   the   universe   which   is   in   him,   by   the   illusory   power   (maya),   similar to   a   city   that   is   seen in   a reflecting   mirror,   but   which   is   manifested   outside,   as   though, for   a perceiver
 at   the   time   of   waking,   his   own   self   without   a   second,  may this   adoration   be   to   him, that   Lord   incarnated   as   the   preceptor;   in   physical   form.
bIjSyaNtirva'k…rae   jgidd<   àa'«inivRkLp<   pun
yakiLptdezkalklna   vEicÈyicÇIk«tm!               ,
mayavIv   ivj&<-yTyipySSveCDyav   ySsveCDya
tSmE   ïIguémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye  .     2     .
bIjSy                      -     of   the   seed
ANt>                        -     inside
#v                          -     like
A'k…r>                     -     sprout
jgt                        -     universe
#d<                           -     this
àakœ                         -     earlier
inivRkLp<                    -   unmanifested
>pun                         -     later
mayakiLpt                 -     caused   by   illusion
dez                          -     place
kal                         -     time
klna                       -     demonstration
vEicÈy                       -     various
icÇIk«tm!                   -     picturesque
mayavI                       -     magician
#v                           -     as
ivj&<-yit                   -     expands
Aip                         -     even   though
mhayaegI                    -     great   yogi
#v                           -     like
y>                           -     who
Sv                           -   his   own
#CDya                       -   by   desire
tSmE                         -   to   him
ïIguémUtRye                  -   that   illustrious   incarnate   as   the   preceptor
nm>                         -     I   bow   in   salutation
#d<                           -     this(be)
ïIdi][amUtRye               -     to   that   illustrious lord who is facing the
                                                    southern direction
Out   of   his   own   will,   who   like   a   magician   or   a   great   yogi   displays   this   universe   which   was undifferentiated   earlier   like   the   sprout   in   the   seed   but   later   is   rendered   differentiated   under
different   situations   like   the   time,   space   and   activities,   all   due
to   the   play   of   illusory   power- maya-to   him   be   this   adoration,
the one who is  the Lord incarnate as  the  preceptor,   in physical   form. 

ySyEv   S)…r[<   sdaTmkmsTkLpawRk<   -aste
sa]aÄTvmsIitvedvcsa   yae   baexyTyaiïtan!     ,
yTsa]aTkr[aÑveÚ   punrav&iÄ-RvaM-aeinxaE
tSmE   ïI#guémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye   .     3   .
ySy                                   -       whose
#v                                       -     only
S)…r[<                               -     light
sdaTmk<                         -     existence   itself
AsTkLpawRk<             -     almost   non   existing
-aste                               -     shines   (   appears)
sa]at!                             -     factually
tt!                                     -     that
Tv<                                       -     then
Ais                                 -     art
#it                                   -     thus
vedvcsa                       -     by   the   spiritual   dictum
y>                                     -     who
baexyit                         -     instructs
Aaiïtan!                     -     those   who   resort   to   Him
yt!                                   -     that   which
sa]aTkr[at!             -     by   realisation
-vet!                               -     will   result   in
n                                       -     no
punrav&iÄ>                   -     reversion   to   the   empirical   stage
-vaM-aeinxaE               -   in   the   ocean   of   cyclic   births   and   deaths
tSmE                               -     to   him
ïIguémUtRye                 -     incarnated   in   the   form   of   the   illustrious   preceptor
nm>                               -     salutation
#d<                                   -     this
ïIdi][amUtRye         -     to   the   illustrious   god,   seated   facing   the   south
Whose   luminosity   is   existence   itself,   entering   all   objects   which
are   non-existent,   as   it   were, shines   forth;   who   instructs   those
who   seek   refuge   in   him   that   they   are   that   supreme   reality,
as in   the   scriptural   text;   by   realising   whom   these   will   occur
no   more   entry   into   the   ocean   of transmigration   of   the   soul,
the   one   who   is   the   Lord   incarnate   as   the   preceptor,   in
physical   form, be   this   adoration.
nanaixÔ"qae<driSwtmhadIpà-a   -aSvr<
}n<   ySy   tu   c]uraidkr[Öara   bihSs!pNdte       ,
janamIit   tmev   -aNtmnu-aTyetTsmSt<   jgt!
tSmE   ïIguémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye     .     4     .
nana                               -     numerous
iCDÔ                             -     apertures
"qae<dr                         -   in   the   centre   of   a   pot
iSwt                             -     staying
mhadIpà-a             -     the   light   of   a   big   lamp
-aSvr<                           -   brilliant
}n<                               -   real   knowledge
ySy                             -     whose
tu                                   -     indeed
c]uraidkr[Öara     -   by   means   of   the   sense-organs   like   the   eye
bih>                               -   outside
SpNdte                         -     moves
janaim                           -     "   i   know"
#it                         -     thusit
t<                                     -     him
@v                                 -     alone
-aNt<                             -     that   illuminous   one
Anu-ait                     -     reflects
@tt!                             -     this
smSt<                         -     all
jgt!                             -     universe
tSmE                               -     to   him
ïIguémUtRye                 -   incarnate   in   the   form   of   the   illustrious   preceptor
nm>                                 -     salutation
#d<                                     -     this
ïIdi][amUtRye           -     to   the   illustrious   god   facing   the   southern   direction
Who   is   effulgent   like   a   lamp   glowing   within   a   pitcher   with
many   apertures;   whose   knowledge goes   out   through   the   eyes
and   the   other   organs   of   perception;   whose   perception   is   that
"I   know" whom   the   entire   universe   reflects   as   it   glows
following   him;   to   him   be   this   adoration,   the   one   who is
the   Lord   incarnate   as   the   preceptor,   in   physical   form.
deh<   àa[mpIiNÔya{yip   cla<   buiÏ<   c   zUNy<   ivÊ>
ôIbalaNxj'aepmaSTvhimit   æaNta   -&z<   vaidn>     ,
tSmE   ïIguémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye    .     5  .
deh<                                       -     this   physical   body
àa[<                                     -     vital   airs
Aip                                     -     also
#iNÔyai[                         -     sense   organs
Aip                                     -     also
cla<                                     -   the   unsteady
buiÏ<                                       -   mind
c                                           -   also
zUNy<                                     -   nothingness
ivÊ>                                     -   say   (speak   as   )
ôI                                         -     women
bal>                                     -     children
ANx                                     -
jaf                                       -     un-illumined
%pma>                                 -     comparable   to
tu                                           -     indeed
Ah<                                       -     this   soul
#it                                       -   thus
æaNta                                 -   going   in   circles   (confused)
-&z<                                       -   greatly
vaidn>                               -   argue
mayazi­ivlaskiLpt<     -     brought   about   by   the   play   of   the
                                                   power   of   Maya   (illusion)
mhaVyamaeh                                 -     great   delusion
s<hair[e                                       -     O!   Destroyer!
tSmE                                               -   to   him
 ïIguémUtRye                             illustrious  lord    incarnate   as   the   preceptor
nm>                                               -     bow
#d<                                                   -     this
ïIdi][amUtRye                       -   to   the   illustrious   Dakshinamurti   ( the form
                                                              that   faces   the   southern   direction)
Those   who   think   that   the   physical   body   or   the   vital   airs
within   it   or   the   sense   organs   or   the intellect   or   the   nothingness
as   Supreme   Reality,   are   labouring   under   an   illusion   like   children, women   and   the   sightless   and   blabber   too   much.   May   this   adoration   be   to   him,   the   annihilator of   the   delusion   caused
by   the   expansive   might   of   the   power   of   illusion,   the   one
who   is   the   Lord incarnate   as   the  preceptor, in   physical form.
ra÷¢StidvakreNÊs†zae   mayasmaCDadnat!
sNmaÇ>   kr[aeps<hr[tae   yae=-Ut!su;uÝ>   puman!     ,
àagSvaPsimit   àbaexsmye   y>   àTyi-}ayte
tSmE   ïIguémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye   .       6     .
ra÷¢StidvakreNÊs†z>             -       comparable   to   the   sun   and   the
                                                                   moon   in   a   state   of   eclipse
mayasmaCDadnat!                   -       enveloped   by   Maya
sNmaÇ>                              -     sense   organs
krt>ps<hr[tae                      -     the   sense   organs   going   out   of   action
y>                                    -     who
A-Ut!                                -     was
su;uÝ>                                -     in   deep   sleep
puman!                                -     that   indweller   (soul   or   Atman)
àakœ                                  -     earlier
SvaPs<                               -     i   slept
#it                                  -   thus
àbaexsmye                          -     at   the   waking   moment
y>                                    -     who
àTyi-}ayte                         -   recognises
tSmE                                -     to   him
ïIguémUtRye                         -     to   the   illustrious   Lord   incarnate
                                                              as   the   preceptor
nm>                                 -     salutation
#d<                                  -     this
ïIdi][amUtRye                     -   to   the   illustrious   Lord,   who   faces
                                                           the   southern   direction
He   who   is   in   the   state   of   sleep   due   to   dissolution  of  the mind   caused   by   the   veiling   power   of Maya-   like   the   sun  or   the moon   eclipsed   by   (ketu)   or   Rahu,   upon   waking   recalls   self-existence in   the   manner   of   "I   have   slept   till   now   ",     to   him   be   this   adoration,   the   one   who   is   the   Lord incarnate   as   the   preceptor
in   physical   form.
baLyaid:vip   ja¢daid;u   twa   svaRSvvSwaSvip
Vyav&ÄaSvnuvtRmanms!hpuTyNtS)…rNt<   sda        ,
SvaTman<   àkqIkraeit   -jta<   yae   muÔya-Ôya
tSmE   ïIguémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye    .   7  .
baLyaid;u                            -     childhood   (   youth,   old   age   etc)
Aip                                 -     also
  ja¢daid;u                         -     waking   (dreaming,   sleeping   Etc)
twa                                 -     in   the   same   manner
svaRsu                                -     in   all
AvSwasu                            -     states
Aip                                 -     also
Vyav&Äasu                            -   different
AnuvtRman<                          -     remaining   constant
Ah<                                  -     I   (the   soul)
#it                                  -     thus
ANt>                                 -   inner
S)…rNt<                              -     illuminator
sda                                  -     always
SvaTman<                            -     this   real   (true)   self
àkqIkraeit                         -   reveals   clearly
-jta<                               -     to   those   who   seek
y>                                   -     who
muÔya                                -   by   the   symbol
-Ôya                                  -     which   is   auspicious (conferring   liberation)
tSmE                                -     to   him
ïIguémUtRye                        -   to   the   illustrious   Lord   incarnate
                                                           as   the   preceptor
nm>                                -     salutation
#d<                                 -     this
ïIdi][amUtRye                       -     to   the   illustrious   lord,   seated
                                                               facing   the   south
In   all   states   of   flux   like   the   childhood   (youth   and   old   age)   and   the   waking   (sleeping   and dreaming   )   state,   with   the   consciousness     within   shining   as   "I"   ,   at   all   times,   that   one   who also   reveals   the   real   nature   of   the   self   to   those   who   seek   refuge   in   him   as   by   means   of the   symbol   that   is   auspicious,   him   as   seekers   of   knowledge,   to   him   be   this   adoration, the   one   who   is   the   Lord   incarnate   as   the   preceptor   in   physical   form.
ivñ<   pZyit   kayRkar[tya   SvSvims<bnxt>
iz:yacayRtya   twEv*aipt&puÇaÏTmna   -edt>         ,
Svße   ja¢it   va   y   @;   pé;ae   mayapiræaimt>
tSmE   ïIguémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye .       8     .
ivñ<                                     -     the   universe
pZyit                               -     sees
kayRkar[tya               -     with   the   relation   of   cause   and   its   effect
Sv                                       -     his
Svaim                                 -     master
s<bNxt>                           -     arising   out   of   (that)   relationship
iz:yacayRtya               -     as   disciple   and   the   preceptor
twa                                     -   in   that   manner
@v                                       -   alone
ipt&puÇaid                         -     father   and   son   etc.
AaTmna                           -   to   the   self   (Atman)
-edt>                                 -     differentially
Svße                                   -     in   the   dream   state
ja¢it                             -     in   the   waking   state
va                                       -   or
y>                                       -   who
@;>                                   -     this
pé;>                                 -   self
mayapiræaimt>         -     confounded   by   illusion
tSmE                                 -   to   him
ïIguémUtRye                   -     the   lord   incarnate   as   the   preceptor
nm>                                   -   salutation
#d<                                       -     this
ïIdi][amUtRye           -     to   the   lord   who   is   seated
                                              facing   the   southerly   quarter
Due   to   the   illusive   power   of   Maya,   he   who   sees   the   universe   with   distinctions   and   in   a disparate   state   like   cause   and   its   effect,   master   and   vassal,   preceptor   and   seeker,   father and   son   etc.,   in   the   states   of   dream   and   waking   ,   to   him   be   this   adoration,
who   is   the   Lord incarnate   as   the   preceptor   in   physical   form.
-UrM-a<Synlae=inlae=MbrmhnaRwae   ihma<zu>   puma
inTya-ait   cracraTmkimd<   ySyEv   mUTyRòkm!  ,
naNyiTk<cn   iv*te     ivm&zta<   ySmaTprSmaiÖ-ae>
tSmE   ïIguémUtRye   nm   #d<   ïIdi][amUtRye  .   9     .
-U>                               -     the   earth
AM-ais                 -     the   waters
Anl>                     -     the   fire
Ainl>                   -     the   air
AMbr<                     -     the   sky
Ah>                       -     of   the   daytime
naw>                       -     Lord   (i.e   the   Sun)
ihma<zu>                 -     the   moon
puman!                     -     The   Atman   (the   soul)
#it                         -   thus
Aa-ait               -     manifiests
cr                         -     movables
Acr                     -     immovables
AaTmkm!           -     consisting   of
#d<                           -     this
ySy                       -     whose
@v                         -     alone
mUitR                       -   body
Aòkm!               -     eight-fold
n                             -   not
ANyt!                   -     anyother
ik<cn                     -     anything
iv*te                     -     there   exists
ivm&zta<               -     for   those   who   analyse
ySmat!                 -   from   which   (one)
prSmat!               -   that   supreme   (one)
iv-ae>                     -   the   all   pervading   (one)
tSmE                       -     to   him
ïIguémUtRye         -     to   the   illustrious   lord   incarnate   in   the   preceptor
nm                           -   salutation
#d<                             -   this
ïIdi][amUtRye   -     to   the   lord   seated   facing   the     southern   direction
Who   has   this   universe   that   moves   and   also   moves   not   and   comprises   in   appearance   as the   earth,   water,   fire,   air   ,   the
space,   the   sun,   the   moon   and   the   individual   soul   as   his manifestation   in   an   eightfold   manner,   and   for   those   who   comprehensively   analyse   there exists   nothing   beyond   these,   to
him   may   this   adoration   be   ,   who   is   that   Lord   incarnate
as the   preceptor,   in   physical   form.
svaRTmTvimit   S)…qIk«timd<   ySmadmui:mn!   Stve
tenaSy   ïv[aÄdwRmnnaÖyana½   s<iktRnat!       ,
svaRTmTvmhaiv-Uitsiht<   SyadIñrTv<   Svt>
isXyeÄTpunròxa   pir[t<   cEñyRmVyahtm!     .   10   .
svaRTmTv<                   -     the   all   pervading   indwelling   nature
#it                                 -     thus
S)…qIk«t<                     -     made   crystal
#d<                                   -     this
ySmat!                         -     from   whom
Amui:mn!                     -     in   this
Stve                               -   hymn
ten                                   -   therefore
tSy                               -   his
ïv[at!                         -     listening   to
tt!                                   -     its
AwRmnnat!                 -     cogitating   upon   its   import
Xyanat!                         -     by   contemplative   meditation   upon
c                                     -   and
s<iktRnat!                   -     by   repeated   intonation
svaRTmTvmhaiv-Uitsiht<     -   endowedwith   the   great   glory   of   universal   immanense
Syat!                             -     will   occur
Svt!                               -     on   its   own
isXyet!                         -     be   attained
pun>                                 -     thereafter
Aòxa                           -     of   the   eight   fold   state
pir[t<                         -     manifesting
c                                     -     and
@eñy¡                             -   oppulence   or   grandeur
AVyaùt<                     -     without   let   or   hindrance
As   it   has   been   clarified   like   a   crystal   in   this   hymn,   that   everything   has   the   lord   as   the   soul, by   listening   to,   by
cogitating   upon   the   import   of   what   has   been   listened   to,
meditating contemplatively   upon   it   and   singing   this   hymn,   by
these   practices   will   occur   the   knowledge of   the   universal   self
with   all   its   glory   and   over-lordship,   on   its  own   (or   therafter)
 and   the supernatural   faculties   in   their   eight   forms   without
let   or   hindrance.