nmaE    narayNay
                                  nmaE    BgvtE    vasdEvay
                                       vvmW    nm:
                   AaEm    vm      vNvIxzkaraE    BtByBvtp#B:
                        Btk]dBtBdBavaE    Btama    BtBavn: ..1..
vm   The all ,the universe
vN : Lord Vishnu
vxzkar:   He in respect of whom Vasat is performed in yagnas
BtBy   Bvtp#B:   the master of the past, future and present
Btk]t   the creator of all beings
BtBt   supportor of the universe
Bav:   pure existence
Btama   the essence of all beings
BtBavn:   he who originates and develops all elements

                 ptama    prmama    c    mktanam    prma    gt:    ,
             Ayy:    px:    saX    XEOO:    AXr    ev    c ..2..  
ptama   one who is purity
prmama   the Supreme One
c   and
mktanam   prma   gt:   the highest goal of the liberated ones
Ayy:   undecaying
px:   one who resides in the body
saX   one who witnesses everything
XEOO:   the knower of the field or body
AXr:   ev   c   one who is without destruction
               yaEgaE    yaEgvdam    nEta    p#DanpxEvr:.
             narsmhp:    man    kESv:    pxaEOm:..3..
yaEg:   approachable through yoga
yaEgvdam   nEta   the master of those well established in yoga
p#Dan   pxEr:   the master of pradhana as well as Purusa
narsmh   vp:   one who has the body of a man and lion
man   one on whose chest goddess Sri dwells
kESv:   one whose kesa or locks are beautiful
pxaEOm:   the greatest among all Purusas
                 svI:    SvI:    Sv:    TaNBItadnIDryy:.
               s|BvaE    BavnaE    BtaI    p#Bv:    p#Brvr:..4..   
svI:   the omniscient source of all existence
SvI:   destroyer
Sv:   pure one
TaN:   immovable
Btad:   source of all elements
nD:   Ayy:   the changeless, undecaying being
sBv:   one born out his own will
Bavn:   bestower of the fruits
BtaI   supporter
p#Bv:   one from whom the elements have their birth
p#B:   one who is an adept in all rites
iIr:   one who is the lord of all
             vy|B:    SBrady:    pkraXaE    mhavn:.
             AnadnDnaE    Data    vData    DtOm:..5..
vy|B:    one who exists by himself
SB:   one who bestows happiness on devotees
Aady:   the golden hued person in
pkraX:   one who has eyes like lotus petals
mhavn:   one from whom comes the great
Anad   nDn:   one whose existencee has no birth or death
Data   supporter
vData   who generates their karma and fruits
DatOm:   the ultimate support of every thing
               Ap#mEyaE    xkES:    pdmnaBaE A mrp#B:.
        vvkmaI    mnva    sTv:    TvraE    D#v:..6..
Ap#mEy:   one who is immeasurable
xkES : master of the senses
pnaB:   he in whose navel the lotus stands
Amrp#B:   master of devas
vkmaI   he whose karma (work) has resulted in all that exists
mn:   thinker
va   one who makes all beings shrunken
Tv:   he who excels in everything
Tvr:   D#v:   ancient & eternal
           Ag#a/:    Sa t:    k]NaE    laEhtaX:    p#tdIn:.
             p#BtOkkDam    pvO|    mHgl|    prm..7..
Ag# a /:   who cannot be conceived by the
Sat:   eternal
k]N:   the existenceknowledge-bliss
laEhtaX:   one whose eyes are red
p#tdIn: destroyer of all at the time of cosmic disolutions
p#Bt:   great because of the unique qualities
OkkDam   who is the supporter of the 3 regions
pvOm   purifier
mlm   prm   supremely auspicious
          iISan:    p#aNd:    p#aNaE    yE:    E:    p#japt:.
           hrygBaI    BgBaI    maDvaE    mDsdn:..8..
iISan:   controller, regulator of everything
p#aNd:   who activates the vital energy
p#aN:   the supreme life force
yE:   the eldest of all
E:   the highest
p#japt:   the master of all living beings
hrygmI:   the luminous globe that contains the whole universe
BgBI:   one who has got the world within
maDv:   the consort of Mahalakshmi or Ma
mDsdn:   destroyer of the demon Madhu
           iIvraE    v@m    Dv    mEDav    v@m:    @m:.
           AnOmaE    ѤraDxI:    k]t    :    k]tramvan..9..
iIr:   the lord of all
v@m   the courageous one
Dv   one armed with bow
mEDav   of great intellegence
v@m:   who transcends samssara
@m:   Vishnu is called Kramah as from him all manifestation has taken place
AnOm:   unexcelled
ѤraDxI:   unconquerable
k]tO:   knower of everything that has been done
k]t:   supporter of all actions
Aamvan   established in his own greatness
           srES:    SrN|    SmI    ivñreta>     p#jaBv:    ,
          Ah:    s|vsraE    yal:    p#yy:    svIdSIn:   ..10..    
srES:   the lord of devas
SrNm   remover of sorrows
SmI : nature of supreme bliss
vrEta:   the seed of the universe
p#jaBv:   he from who all beings have originated
Ah:   luminous one
smvsr:   as time is a form of Vishnu
yal:   ungraspable as a serpent
p#yy:   pure conscionsness
svIdSIn:   one with eyes everywhere
             Aj:    svIr:     s:    s:    svaIdryt:.
             vxakprmEyama    svIyaEjvn: st:..11..
Aj:   who has no birth
svIr:   lord of all lords
s:   established in one's own nature
s:   fruit of all endeavours
svaId:   the first cause of all
Ayt:   one who has never lost
vxakap:   one who showers all objects of desire
AmEyama   one whose form cannot be determined
svIyaEg vn:st:   one who is without any attachment
          vsvIsmna:    sy:    smama    smtsm:.
          AmaEG:    pfrkaXaE    vxkmaI    vxak]t: ..12..
vs:   one in whom all beings dwell
vsmna:   possessed of a great mind
sy:   one who is truth
smama   mind without partiality oranger
smt:   unlimited by any entity
sm:   unperturbed at all times
AmaEG:   fruitful
pfrkaX:   one whose eyes resemble petals of a lotus
vxkmaI   one whose actions are according to dharma
vxak]t:   one who takes form for the sake of dharma
              d#aE    bh^Sra    bB# vI yaEnScva:.
              AmtSa ñ tsTaNvIraEhaE    mhatpa:..13..  
d#:   remover of sorrows
bh^Sra:   one with innumerable head
bB#:   one who governs the world
vyaEn:   one who is the cause of the world
Scva:   one whose names and glories are are very holy
Amt:   deathless
SatsTaN :    unchanging
vraraEh:   he whose lap gives the highest blessing
mhatpa:   of great potency
              svIg:    svIvdBanvIvsEnaE    jnadIn:.
             vEdaE   ve dvdyHgaE    veda¼>   ve dvkv:..14..
svIg:   all pervading
svIvd   Ban:   omniscient & illumines
vvksEn:   he before whom all asura armies
jnadIn:   whom all devotees pray
vEd:   who is in the form of veda
vEdvd   knower of all vedas
Ay:   not manifest to the senses
vEda:   to whom vedas are as organs
vEdvd   knower of all vedas
kv:   one who sees everything

           laEkayXsrayXaE    DmaIyX:    k]tak]t:.
            ctrama    ctryh tdI|tBIj:..15..   
laEkayX:   witness of the whole universe
srayX:   lord of lords
DmaIyX:   one who directly sees the merits & demerits
k]tak]t:   one who is an effect (as world)
ctrama   four powers of Vishnu for the purpose of
ctryh:   one who adopts a fourfold
ctdIm:   one wih four fangs in his avatar as Nrsimha
ctBIj:   one with four arms
            B#ajNBaIjn|    BaEktashNjIgdadj:.
            AnGaE    vjyaE    jEta    vsaEn:    pnvIs:..16..  
B#ajN:   one who is pure luminosity
BaEjnm   object of enjoyment
BaEkta   enjoyer
shN:   suppressor of asuras
jgdadj:   one who manifested as
AnG:   sinless
vjy:   victorious over universe
jEta   victorious over beings
vyaEn:   source of the universe
pnvIs:   dweller in the bodies as the jeeva
upEd#aE    vamn:    p#amSrmaEG:    ScjIt:.
          Atd#:    s|g#h:    sgaI    Dtama    nymaE    ym:..17..  
upEd#:   younger brother of indra
vamn:   one who in the form of Vamana
p#amS:   tall
AmaEG:   one whose acts do not go in vain
Sc:   one who is purifier
UjIt:   one of infinite strength
Atd#:   one who is superior to indra
smg#h:   one who holds everything within him
sgI:   cause of creation
Dtama   one who is in his inherent nature
nym:   one who appoints his creatures in
ym:   one who regulates all
            vEGaE    vW:    sdayaEg    vrha    maDvaE    mD:.
             Atd#yaE    mhamayaE    mhaEsahaE    mhabl:..18..
vE:   one who has to be known by those aspire for
vW:   one who knows all vidyas
sdayaEg   one who can be ever experienced,
vrha   one who destroys heroic asuras for
maDv:   lord of knowledge
mD:   honey, because lord gives joy
Atd#y:   one who is not knowable by the
mhamay:   one who can cause great illution
mhaEsah:   one who is ever busy in work of
mhabl:   one of great strength
              mhabmIhavyaI    mhaSktmIha濫t:.
        AnrdEyvp:    manmEyama    mhad#Dk..19..  
mhab:   the wisest
mhavyI:   most powerful
mhaSkt:   one who possesses great strength
mha濫t:   one who is intensely brilliant
AnrdEy   vp:   one who cannot be objectively
man   one with greatness
AmEyama   immeasurable
mhad#Dk   one who held up the great mount.

              mhEvasaE    mhBtaI    nvas:    stam    gt:.
         An:    srandaE    gaEvdaE    gaEvdam    pt:..20..  
mhEvas:   one equipped with the great bow
mhBtaI   one who held up the earth
nvas:   one on whose chest the Goddess
stam   gt:   one who bestows the highest
An:   one who has never been obstructed
srand:   one who showers joy on all
gaEvd:   one who pervades all words
gaEvdam   pt:   master of words .