Note : Dasakas 6  to 100 await editing for being added to this presentation


DASAKA   No.                  DESCRIPTION   OF   CONTENT
1                                           THE GLORY OF THE LORD
2                                           THE   FORM   OF   THE   LORD
3                                           THE   QUALITIES   OF   THE   PERFECT   DEVOTEE
4                                           YOGA   AND   ITS   ATTAINMENT
5                                           COSMIC   EVOLUION
6                                           THE   COSMOS   AS   THE   FORM   OF   THE   LORD
7                                           BRAHMA'S   ORIGIN   AND   PENANCE
8                                           DESCRIPTION   OF   PRALAYA
9                                           DESCRIPTION   OF   CREATION
10                                         THE   VARIETY   OF   CREATION
11                                         ENTRY OF SANAKA AND OTHERS INTO VAIKUNTHA
12                                         THE   BOAR   INCARNATION
13                                         THE   SLAYING   OF   HIRANYAKSHA
14                                         THE   KAPILA   INCARNATION
15                                         THE   TEACHING   OF   KAPILA
16                                        NARA   NARAYANA   AND   DAKSHAYAGA
17                                        THE   STORY   OF   DHRUVA
18                                        THE   STORY   OF   PRITHU
19                                        THE   STORY   OF   PRACETAS
20                                        THE   STORY   OF   RISHABHAYOGISVARA
21                                        MODE   OF   WORSHIP   IN   JAMBUDVIPA   ETC
22                                        THE   STORY   OF   AJAMILA
23                                        THE   STORIES   OF   DAKSHA,   CHITRAKETU,   ETC
24                                        THE   STORY   OF   PRAHLADA
25                                       THE   INCARNATION   AS   NARASIMHA
26                                       THE   LIBERATION   OF   GAJENDRA
27                                       THE   CHURNING   OF   THE   MILK   OCEAN
28                                       THE   CHURNING   OF   THE   OCEAN   (CONTD)
29                                       THE   MOHINI   INCARNATION,   ETC
30                                       THE   VAMANA   INCARNATION
31                                       THE   HUMBLING   OF   BALI
32                                       THE   FISH   INCARNATION
33                                       THE   STORY   OF   AMBARISHA
34                                       THE   INCARNATION   AS   SRI   RAMA
35                                       THE   INCARNATION   AS   SRI   RAMA   (CONTD)
36                                       THE   INCARNATION   AS   PARASURAMA
37                                       THE  PRELUDE  TO  THE  INCARNATION  AS KRISHNA
38                                       THE   BIRTH   OF   SRI   KRISHNA
39                                       BRINGING   YOGAMAYA   FROM   GOKULAM   ETC
40                                       THE   SALVATION   OF   PUTANA
41                                       THE   CREMATION   OF   PUTANA
42                                       THE   SLAYING   OF   SAKATASURA
43                                       THE   SLAYING   OF   TRINAVARTA
44                                       DESCRIPTION   OF   THE   NAMING   CEREMONY   ETC
45                                       KRISHNA'S   CHILDHOOD   PRANKS
46                                       REVELATION   OF   THE   COSMIC   FORM
47                                       TYING   KRSNA   TO   THE   MORTAR
48                                       THE  REDEMPTION OF NALAKUBARA AND MANIGRIVA
49                                       JOURNEY   TO   VRINDAVANA

50                                      SLAYING   OF   VATSASURA   AND   BAKASURA
51                                      THE   SLAYING   OF   AGHASURA
52                                      THE   STEALING   OF   THE   CALVES   BY   BRAHMA
53                                      THE   SLAYING   OF   DHENUKASURA
54                                      THE  REASON FOR KALIYA COMING TO  THE YAMUNA
55                                      KRISHNA'S   DANCE   ON   KALIYA
56                                      THE   LORD   BLESSES   KALIYA
57                                      THE   SLAYING   OF   PRALAMBASURA
58                                      RESCUE   FROM   FOREST   FIRE
59                                      KRISHNA   PLAYING   THE   FLUTE
60                                      STEALING   THE   CLOTHES   OF   THE   GOPIKAS 61                                    

61                                      BLESSING  THE WIVES OF THE PERFORMERS OF  VEDIC   SACRIFICES
62                                      THE   BLOCKING   OF   THE   SACRIFICE   TO   INDRA
63                                      HOLDING   UP   THE   GOVARDHANA   MOUNTAIN
64                                      CROWNING   AS   GOVINDA
65                                      THE   GOPIKAS   COMING   TO   KRISHNA
66                                      DELIGHTING   THE   GOPIKAS
67                                      DISAPPEARANCE   OF   THE   LORD   ETC
68                                      THE   GOPIKAS   IN   THE   LORD'S   COMPANY
69                                      RASAKRIDA
70                                      THE   SALVATION   OF   SUDARSANA
71                                      THE   SLAYING   OF   KESI   AND   VYOMASURA
72                                      AKRURA'S   JOURNEY   TO   GOKULA
73                                      THE   LORD   LEAVING   FOR   MATHURA
74                                      THE   ENTRY   OF   THE   LORD   INTO   MATHURA
75                                      THE   SLAYING   OF   KAMSA
76                                     UDDHAVA  SENT AS A  MESSENGER TO  THE GOPIKAS
77                                     THE   FIGHT   WITH   JARASANDHA   AND   OTHERS
78                                     THE   LORD'S   STAY   IN   DVARAKA
79                                     THE   WEDDING   OF   RUKMINI
80                                     THE   STORY   OF   THE   SYAMANTAKA   JEWEL
81                                     THE   SLAYING   OF   NARAKASURA
82                                     THE   FIGHT   WITH   BANA   ETC
83                                     THE   SLAYING   OF   PAUNDRAKA
84                                     PILGRIMAGE   TO   SAMANTAPANCHAKA
85                                     THE   SLAYING   OF   JARASANDHA
86                                     SLAYING   OF   SALVA
87                                      THE   KUCHELA   EPISODE
88                                     THE   EPISODE   OF   SANTANAGOPALAM
89                                     THE   SLAYING   OF   VRIKASURA
90                                     THE   AIM   OF   ALL   SCRIPTURES
91                                     THE   PATH   OF   DEVOTION
92                                     BHAKTI   COMBINED   WITH   KARMA
93                                     THE   LESSONS   FROM   25   GURUS
94                                     THE   MEANS   OF   ENLIGHTENMENT
95                                     THE   MEANS   OF   LIBERATION
96                                     THE   GLORIES   OF   THE   LORD
97                                     PRAYER   FOR   SUPREME   DEVOTION
98                                     MEDITATION   ON   NIRGUNA   BRAHMAN
99                                     PRAISE   OF   THE   GLORY   OF   THE   LORD
100                                   DESCRIPTION   OF   THE   VISION   OF   THE   LORD